Over the years, we’ve spoken to many mechanical engineers who have told us, “I didn’t realize the quality of your turning vanes until I held it in my hand.”

We think that once you’ve had the chance to hold one of our vanes, you’ll feel the same.

Special Buildings Require Special HVAC Turning Vanes

Engineers have been specifying Aero Dyne Turning Vanes & Rail by name for more than 40 years, because no other product provides comparable quality, structural integrity and performance. When the firm’s reputation is tied to the operating efficiency of the HVAC system they design, engineers choose Aero Dyne.

Colleges want quiet building to house their classrooms. Medical facilities require a quiet atmosphere to increase their level of health care and recuperation. Performing arts center must have soundless HVAC systems so their product — the performance — is what’s heard, and not the HVAC system.

View parts of our manufacturing process here on YouTube.

Our duct turning vanes have a unique 3″ radius design, providing maximum turning efficiency for commercial airflow velocities.

H-E-P turning vanes go through 17 points of roll forming precision using one piece of galvanized steel for the most positive rigid fit possible. The design geometry adapts perfectly to all duct sizes, regardless of the inlet and outlet dimensions of the duct elbow, thus eliminating the need for multiple vane sizes.

The precise aerodynamic turning vane design allows the greatest steadiness of airflow through the cascades, eliminates breakaway of flow from surfaces on the suction side, provides velocity distribution to its greatest possible uniformity, and maintains a consistently high-degree of deflection accuracy. That’s a 1-2-3-4 punch of efficiency from what is considered to be a small component within the system.

It’s why engineers require it in their plans and why mechanical contracting firms abide by those requirements.

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To learn more about Aero Dyne turning vanes and how their addition to your HVAC design requirements could help you satisfy your project outline, please contact us at 800.522.2423. You can also request your free turning vane sample and engineer’s kit by clicking here.