The Aero Dyne specification is critical to your project.  Simply referring to the industry sheet metal standard is risky.

The standard manual gives little detail about turning vanes and does not include performance information.  Including performance requirements will encourage contractors to use Aero Dyne H-E-P versus fabricating turning vanes in their sheet metal shop.

Require independent performance testing if substitutions are submitted! To better understand the quality construction of our turning vanes, click here to get your Free Sample.

Aero Dyne H-E-P Turning Vane Suggested Specification

Cut/paste these specifications into the master specification (Section 233300 or 15890)

2.0             TURNING VANES

  1. Turning vanes shall be an engineered, true airfoil design with smoothly-rounded entry nose and extended trailing edge for high efficiency performance.
  2. Generated sound power level shall not exceed 54 decibels in band 4 at 2,000 FPM-duct 24 x 24.
  3. Acceptable Manufactures: Aero-Dyne Sound Control Company, High Efficiency Profile, H-E-P.  Contact:  PH:  800-522-2423
  4. Fabricate assemblies with the Aero-Dyne Side Rail support system.  Install vanes on design centers of 2.4 inches across the full diagonal dimension of the elbow.  Tabbed or slotted dimple fasteners are not acceptable.
  5. Submittals are required; proposed substitution shall include independent performance test data for pressure loss and generated sound power levels.