The Aero Dyne “High Efficiency Profile” Turning Vane and Rail system reduces required fan HP resulting in 24/7/365 savings. The true airfoil design also reduces generated sound power and relative pressure loss to their lowest attainable levels. Lower sound power levels will result in lower sound pressure levels.
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Aero Dyne Turning Vanes & Rail are specified for their superior quality and performance, and are likely addressing a critical problem only Aero Dyne can tackle.  So when you see Aero Dyne H-E-P has been specified, do not substitute, because Aero Dyne HEP Turning Vane performance is unmatched.
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Aero Dyne H-E-P Turning Vanes are laboratory tested and certified for performance.  The High Efficiency Profile design lowers pressure loss and generated sound power through 17 points of roll forming precision.  No other Turning Vane provides comparable quality, structural integrity & performance.
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You may not know if Aero Dyne is in your HVAC system, but you’ll know if it’s not.

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