It is important for HVAC contractors to note that when the project engineer or engineering firm specifies the use of Aero Dyne Turning Vanes & Rail, they are doing so because our vanes are addressing a critical problem and have been deemed the best solution. We request that no substitutions are made to the engineer’s specifications. 
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Choose Aero Dyne Turning Vanes for High Performance Projects

When a quiet, efficient duct environment is a priority, engineers specify our product. They know that investing in this solution initially will result in annual savings for the life of the system.

Over the years, many contractors have also chosen Aero Dyne as their stock turning vane of choice because of the sound control performance and energy savings. Curious? Get a sample of our turning vanes sent directly to you, click here.

H-E-P Vane & Side Rail Estimating/Ordering

The majority of our sales are direct and turnaround time is quick (we ship within 24 hours of purchase order).

If we have a distributor in your area, we are happy to put you in contact with them.

Aero Dyne Submittal Form

The H-E-P Turning Vane & Rail system consists of three important parts:

  • Airfoil Blade: 17 point roll-formed process using one piece of 26GA HD Prime Carbon Galvanized steel
  • Vane Rail:  24GA HD Galvanized steel, assembly slots located design center spacing of 2.4”
  • Fasteners: Ring Shank style screws fasten into continuous channels inside the blade, meaning no annoying rattle, no detaching, and no reinforcing rods necessary

H-E-P Turning Vane Assembly is Easy, Quick and Positive

The fastener is driven through the pre-punched side rail slot and into the continuous tubular channel in the vane.  This exclusive method provides rigid, permanently rattle-proof assemblies at the lowest possible cost.  Performance may be compromised if assemblies are made without genuine Aero Dyne Side Rails.

No Reinforcements Necessary with Aero Dyne Turning Vanes

  • Single wall vanes need every sixth vane welded to the runner or need reinforcements attached for ducts running over 1000 fpm
  • Standard double wall vanes lack positive fastening of the blades to the runner, requiring a tack weld at each end, and leaving the possibility of rattling or detaching

Aero Dyne Packaging

Vane Weight

H-E-P Turning Vanes are pre-cut into 10 ft. lengths and sold 20 pieces per carton (200 ft. per carton)

H-E-P Side Rail are pre-slotted every 2.4 inches and sold in 100 ft. coils