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Turning Vanes are a necessary and important component to the HVAC system.  Without them, you will have airflow deficiencies and most likely fail system testing.

If you want maximum turning efficiency with the greatest steadiness of airflow and lower sound pressure, choose Aero Dyne High Efficiency Profile Turning Vanes.

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Turning Vanes:  A Necessary Component, written by Miles D. Johnson, LEED G.A, Mechanical Designer & LEED Consultant.

“When Airflow changes direction in a duct that lacks turning vanes, the walls of the duct must absorb the sudden impact of the air in order to reorient the airflow to the direction desired.  Turning Vanes assist the airflow in making a smoother and more gradual change in direction, resulting in less of an impact, and thus less force transferred (as airflow velocity increases, this effect becomes more pronounced).”