For more than 40 years we’ve taken great pride in providing two things to our customers; high performance turning vanes and rail systems and great service and support. Here are some of the great things that our clients have said about us:

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Support to Jacobs Engineering on Recent Project, October 2014

hvac turning vanes used in wind tunnel project by mechanical engineering department at stanford university

Image courtesy of Jacobs Technology.

We recently purchased 3 cartons of Aero-Dyne HEP Vanes for use in a design and build wind tunnel project for Stanford University.

The wind tunnel (primarily fiberglass structure) is scheduled to be built in January, 2015 and includes acoustic treatment, turning vanes in all corners, and flow conditioning screens. The turning vanes we purchased from Aero-Dyne will be used in Corner 4 in the figure below.

This wind tunnel has very strict flow quality requirements and will be used for research level testing. In addition, the wind tunnel has the unique feature of visualizing live bird flight in the test section. The mechanical engineering department will be studying bird flight and the data obtained will be used to improve scientific understanding and implementation to other flight vehicles.

With this background understanding, I wanted you to know how important receipt of quality material is to our design. Your shipment of 60 turning vanes was sent to our fiberglass supplier and stored for future installation.

Unfortunately we received late notice from our fiberglass supplier that one box had been damaged, presumably in shipment. No receipt of shipment inspection was available. Although attempts by the fiberglass supplier was made to straighten the ends of the 6 damaged turning vanes, Aero-Dyne went above and beyond customary service practice by delivering replacement turning vanes at no additional cost.

On behalf of Jacobs, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and your team. This is an interesting project to deliver and I appreciate Aero-Dyne’s supplier support. We will make sure to review your complete product selection and utilize your products where appropriate for future projects.

Anthony Watts | Project Manager | Jacobs: turning vanes for use at Stanford University

Energy Labs, Various Projects, 2013 – 2015

Energy Labs, a leader in custom HVAC systems has utilized our turning vanes for a number of projects over the last few years. Per their website, they are the company of choice for large institutional buildings, including those with the most demanding, specialized and energy-efficient environments, such as hospitals, universities, schools, performing-arts centers, data centers, laboratories and office buildings.

An engineer working on a high pressure project recently stated, “we conducted testing on the exhaust duct this week and the vane performed very well.  Pushed it to the limits of our system and never had any issues with vibration.