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Over the years, we’ve spoken to many mechanical engineers  who have told us, “I didn’t realize the quality of your turning vanes until I held it in my hand.”

We think that once you’ve had the chance to hold one of our vanes, you’ll feel the same.

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Engineer’s Kit Includes

  • A Sample of our Turning Vane Aero Dyne Turning Vane Scale Drawing
  • The High Efficiency Profile (HEP) Turning Vane Sales Brochure
  • Suggested Specifications (.doc format) Section 233300 or 15890
  • Turning Vane CAD Detail (.dwg) for your master CAD detail library or drawings
  • Performance Comparison – (pdf) H-E-P vs. standard vanes
  • Submittal Form (pdf)
  • Case Study- H-E-P replaces 2″ double wall that results in annual cost savings


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