At Aero-Dyne, we understand that our clients are looking for long-term, high-efficiency solutions for the projects they’re working on – hospitals and medical facilities, colleges and schools, performing arts centers and more.

It’s why we continue to make the highest quality and most efficient turning vanes for commercial HVAC systems. The engineering firms, mechanical contractors and, the people who live and work in the buildings created by them, rely on our components to quiet airflow noise and reduce energy consumption.

Who Are the Engineering Firms Who Rely on Aero-Dyne Turning Vanes?

The engineers who specify our turning vane and rail systems generally work at multi-disciplined engineering firms that offers a full range of services for their end clients.

Most have substantial experience in the design, construction and commissioning of high-performance, LEED® certified buildings where an emphasis has been placed on integrated design and operational strategies for energy efficiency, resource conservation and indoor environmental quality.

Our clients focus on long-term sustainability and operational efficiency within their buildings. It’s our mission to provide them with commercial turning vane solutions that help them satisfy their client’s requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Firms We’ve Worked With


Turning Vanes: Providing Quiet and Efficient Solutions

From hospitals and schools to performing arts centers and libraries, engineers are specifying Aero Dyne turning vanes because they provide quiet, efficient solutions within the commercial space. You can view some of the projects we’re proud to have been a part of over the last few years, by clicking here.