Ordering Turning Vanes

Ordering turning vanes directly is welcomed, or ask about our distributors by calling 800.522.2423.  Establish an account with us today.  We also accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Aero Dyne accepts international orders and will work with your customs broker to set up freight documentation.

H-E-P Vane & Side Rail Estimating

Aero Dyne Turning Vanes and Rail will adjust to fit any elbow – equal or unequal.  duct dimensions and corresponding number of elbows are needed to estimate Vane and Side Rail. Use our easy Contractor Takeoff/Estimating Excel Spreadsheet to calculate how much product will be needed for the project.

Product Description & Packaging

Ordering and Shipping Turning VanesThe H-E-P Turning Vane and Rail system consists of three important parts: airfoil blade, vane rail, and fasteners.  Performance may be compromised if assemblies are made without genuine Aero Dyne Side Rails.

To better understand the quality construction of our turning vanes, click here to get your Free Sample.

H-E-P Turning Vanes: 3″ Radius Airfoil blades by a 17 point roll-formed process using one piece of 27GA HD G60 Galvanized steel.  Pre-cut and packaged in 10 ft. lengths sold 20 pieces per carton (200 ft. per carton).  Cuts are perfect, maximizing usable product from every 10 ft. piece.
H-E-P Side Rail: 24GA HD Galvanized steel, pre-slotted every 2.4 inches and packaged in 100 ft. coils.
H-E-P Fasteners: Ring Shank style screws fasten into continuous channels inside the blade, leaving no annoying rattle, no detaching, and no reinforcing rods necessary.  A box of 1,000 fasteners comes packaged inside rail carton.