Our Estimating Tools and Spreadsheet Helps You Calculate the Quantity of Turning Vane and Rail Needed on Your Next Project

To better serve you, please use our simple Estimating Spreadsheet to calculate the Quantity of HEP Vane and Rail required for your project.

Download our Product Takeoff and Estimator Tool (in an Excel Spreadsheet) here. Then, email the completed spreadsheet to info@aero-dyne.net for a price quote.

Please note:
The Vane is sold in 10 foot pieces, 20 pieces to a carton = 200 ft. per carton. The Rail is sold in a 100 foot coil. 100 ft. per carton. Pricing is based on volume. The minimum order is 200 ft. of Vane and 100 ft. of Rail.

Based on the Quantity of Elbows and the Dimensions of Each Elbow, the Estimator will Calculate the Following:

  • Number of Vanes required in each elbow
  • Number of Vanes from a 10 foot piece
  • Total number of 10 foot Vane pieces required
  • Total feet of Vane required
  • Total feet of Rail required

Tool Requires the Following Data:

  • Quantity of elbows (group elbows with same dimensions)
  • Incoming duct width (inches)
  • OOutgoing duct width (inches)
  • Duct Height (inches)

Download our Product Takeoff and Estimating Tool (in an Excel Spreadsheet) here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.09.08 PM

For More Information

Aero Dyne specializes in manufacturing the best turning vanes available. We are available Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST to answer questions and process orders. Material ships within 24 hours of receipt of purchase order, 2-3 days for truckloads.

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