Q: Can I get a sample turning vane sent to me?

Yes! We’d be happy to send you a Free Sample of our turning vane, as well as specifications, CAD details, a performance case study and more. Click here to request your Engineering Kit and Sample.

Q: What building projects have Aero-Dyne turning vanes been used in?

When ‘HVAC performance’ matters, mechanical engineering firms and their facility manager partners (the end client) seek out solutions for 1) reducing noise and sound vibrations throughout their system and 2) creating greater efficiencies to reduce operating costs while extending the lifespan of those systems.

These requirements are especially important for hospitals, performance art centers, schools and university buildings. View all of our recent projects where turning vanes have played an important role.

Q: Is there a distributor in my area?

Aero Dyne has several distributors across the U.S.  If there is not a distributor in your area, we sell directly.  Please call 800.522.2423 or contact the Aero-Dyne sales office to learn where Aero Dyne is stocked.

If you are a distributor of HVAC equipment and want more information about becoming a distributor for Aero Dyne, please call 800.522.2423 or contact the Aero-Dyne sales office.

Q:  How is the product sold?

Aero Dyne Turning Vanes are sold in 10 ft. lengths with 20 pieces per carton.  Minimum order is 200 feet or (1) carton.  Aero Dyne Side Rail is sold in 100 ft. coils, and pre-slotted to fit Aero Dyne Turning Vane on 2.4 inch centers.  Minimum order is 100 feet or (1) carton.

Q:  Is Aero Dyne manufactured in the USA?

With mills in Pennsylvania and California and steel from the USA, Aero Dyne is a certified MADE IN THE USA product.   Please contact us for certificates if your project requires documentation.

Q:  Is Aero Dyne ISO certified?

The Aero Dyne turning vane mill has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Q:  Will Aero Dyne accept international orders?

Aero Dyne accepts international orders and will work with your customs broker to set up freight documentation.

Q:  May I use a different side rail in my assembly?

Performance may be compromised if assemblies are not fabricated with genuine Aero Dyne Side Rail.

Q:  Does the product come in aluminum?

Aero Dyne Turning Vanes go through a rigorous 17-point roll forming process using 27G hot dipped galvanized G60 steel.  The engineered process was designed to attain the high performance benefits possible.  An aluminum made H-E-P product has not been tested at this time.

Q:  Does Aero Dyne contribute to LEED points?

H-E-P Turning Vanes can help improve acoustical performance and room noise compliance.

Q:  Can Aero Dyne Turning Vanes be used in unequal elbows?

Aero Dyne Turning Vanes & Rail adapt perfectly to all duct sizes, eliminating the need for two different vane sizes in the system.  An entire assembly of H-E-P Turning Vanes can be adjusted easily and precisely to the proper angle of attack, regardless of the inlet and outlet dimensions of the elbow.

Q:  Does Aero Dyne come in a 2″ or 4″ size?

Aero Dyne Turning Vanes are engineered with a 3″ radius for maximum turning efficiency.  This eliminates the need to have any other size.

Q:  In which direction does the air flow through the assembly?

Air flow enters on the smoothly rounded nose and exits on the thin trailing edge of the assembly.

Q:  Can Aero Dyne Turning Vanes handle air velocities exceeding 3000 fpm?

Projects with air velocities exceeding 3,000 fpm require a superior turning vane.  Although test results are unavailable for air velocities over 3,000 fpm, Industrial Design Engineers have specified Aero Dyne Turning Vanes for projects exceeding 3,000 fpm.  All feedback has been positive.  An engineer working on a high pressure project recently stated “We conducted testing on the exhaust duct this week and the vane performed very well.  Pushed it to the limits of our system and never had any issues with vibration.”