Now more than everHigh Performance Matters.  High Performance Design  is the expectation versus the exception.  Aero Dyne Sound Control has been manufacturing the High Efficiency Profile “H-E-P” Turning Vanes & Rail for more than 40 years.  Gordon R. Jacobsen, designer and founder of Aero Dyne, recognized the need for airflow efficiency and sound control long before the trend.  Gordon set out to design and manufacture a product that would provide a solution unsurpassed even today.

Although it may seems like an insignificant detail to address in HVAC design, turning vanes play an important role in overall system performance.  Without them, serious airflow problems will occur.  Only Aero Dyne continues to deliver the most efficient, structurally sound, and quiet turning vane assembly available.

Specify Aero Dyne When Performance Matters

Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives.  The continuous energy savings with Aero Dyne exceeds any upfront savings.

No matter what your design, addressing this detail early will prevent costly replacements later.  Aero Dyne H-E-P Turning Vanes & Rail  are laboratory tested and certified for performance.  The High Efficiency Profile design lowers pressure loss and generated sound power better than any other product available.  Specify Aero Dyne because Performance Matters.